Working Papers

Sick of Retirement?
-Accepted for publication in Journal of Health Economics

Press: American Association of Individual Investors


Association of Type 1 Diabetes With Standardized Test Scores of Danish Schoolchildren, JAMA, 2019;321(5):484-492
-With Niels Skipper, Tine Eriksen, Amanda Gaulke, Stine Sildorf and Jannet Svensson)


Work in progress

The Effect of Divorce on Children’s Short and Long Run Outcomes
-With Jessica Laird and Torben Nielsen

Childhood Type 1 Diabetes – inequality
-With Tine Eriksen, Amanda Gaulke, Jannet Svensson and Niels Skipper


Other papers

The Wealth and Debt of Danish Families, Danmarks Nationalbank, Monetary Review, 2012-Q2, with Asger Lau Andersen, Anders Møller Christensen, Ri Kaarup, Sigrid Alexandra Koob and Martin Oksbjerg